Deaths due to HPV

Lifetime risk of dying from HPV-related cancer

The American Cancer Society's table of Lifetime Risk says about 1 of every 435 American women dies of cervical cancer.

Cases of cancer per year due to HPV

The US Centers for Disease Control estimate that 26,900 new cases of cancer are caused by HPV every year in the US.

Deaths per year due to HPV-related cancer

Estimating deaths per year due to HPV by multiplying the fraction attributed to HPV times the total deaths per year, one gets about 6130 deaths per year in the United States:
TypeDeaths/year in USPercentage due to HPVDeaths/year in US due to HPV
anus 95091%870
cervix 402091%3600
penis 32063%200
vagina 88085%750
vulva 103069%710
total 6130
(This is probably an underestimate, as several other types of cancer may sometimes be caused by HPV, e.g. bladder, breast, and oropharyngeal cancer, and the true number caused by cervical cancer is probably higher.)

Worldwide, the numbers are much larger. As of 2008, cervical cancer struck 529,800 women and killed 275,000.

Anal cancer statistics are harder to come by, but anal cancer is 30 times rarer than colorectal cancer. As of 2008, there were 600,000 deaths due to colorectal cancer worldwide. Dividing that by 30 gives an estimate of annual anal cancer deaths of 20,000.

Deaths per day due to HPV

In the US, if there are 6100 HPV cancer deaths per year, that's 16 per day, or one per 90 minutes.

For the world, there are more than 295,000 HPV cancer deaths per year, or 808 per day, or one per two minutes.

Estimated deaths so far since start of 2014 due to HPV




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